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Our main aim is to ensure and maintain horse & rider comfort, for both of you be able to preform at your best in any discipline whether it be dressage, hacking, show jumping, cross-country or endurance.

The difference between a correctly fitted saddle vs a poorly fitted saddle can be obvious through both behavioural and physical signs.

What to expect

Initially we will carry out an assessment of the current saddle, then we will asses the horse from the ground.

Carry out a trot up, this is to check the horse is sound and level, lunge, to observe how your horse moves, we will also carry out multiple observations with and without the saddle and rider.

We will take measurements of your horse.

Once all of the above has been carried out we will then write a full report on our findings.

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Saddle Fitting Services

We offer an advanced saddle fitting service which includes an in-depth introduction, condition score, confirmation assessment, a back assessment, gait analysis, chalking, static and dynamic assessment and lastly any observations and recommendations.

We see a wide variety of breeds in all shapes and sizes,including rehabilitation cases and remedial fittings.

We offer changeable gullet plates, hydraulic press, to change the width of the saddle, flocking, and general saddle repairs and dyes.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Equine Sports massage and why:

Equine sports massage therapy is a hands on therapy that involves an initial consultation which will discuss you horses history and your aims, we will then assess the movement of your horse which will always involve a trot up and a further assessment could involve watching your horse on the lunge and being ridden.

It is manipulation of their body using a range of different soft tissue techniques alongside joint mobilisations, stretching and muscle activations. During each session we will work with your horse to engage their mind and body to induce relaxation and get the most out of their session.

The purpose of Equine Sports massage therapy is to increase & improve circulation, relieve tension & adhesions, enhance muscle tone, stimulate mental relaxation, relax muscle spasms and increase range of movement for a variety of different horses. We will look at your horse as a whole and attempt to consider all possible causes and effects of any tension, while interpreting your horse’s reactions and expressions to the human touch.

When your horse may need an equine sports massage:

  1. Preference to one rein
  2. Lateral (side bending) stiffness
  3. Carrying the tail to one side
  4. Head shaking
  5. Reluctance to canter on one rein
  6. Holding head to one side/lacking side bend/reduced flexion in the poll
  7. Change in stride length resulting in unevenness
  8. Girthing issues
  9. Sudden dislike to being groomed
  10. High head carriage with a hollow back
  11. Bucking/rearing and them generally acting out of character
  12. Excessive rolling

Saddle Fitting Prices

Initial saddle fitting consultation £75.00

Follow up saddle fittings £65.00

Aditional saddles for the same horse £30.00

Remote saddle check- Based on photos and videos, cannot replace a hands on check £30.00

Onsight flocking adjustments £15 – £30.00

Saddle re flocks, Gullet bars, shim pads and any leather repairs will be an additional cost.

Please get in contact for a group discount price.